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Friday Five: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

The Friday Five for 24 December 2010...
As usual, my answers are all about New Year, which is main holiday here, with Christmas coming on 7th and being a part of extended New year celebrations.

1. Do you celebrate the religious aspect of Christmas New Year or the commercial aspect of Christmas New Year?
Neither. For me it is more of a good reason to spend time with family, relatives and friends. To have fun and recall carefree days of childhood. And time to relax in the middle of the winter, during the busiest time of work-year.

2. What's your favorite activity to celebrate the holidays? (i.e. baking goodings, making ornaments, etc.)
It is when weather on New Year's night is good and we can go for a walk - either late in the evening or a bit after midnight, when everyone go out to set off fireworks and burn sparklers. That way we don't have to spend our own money, but still can watch. XD

3. Would you rather give or receive?
Give. Since I prefer to buy things I need myself - as that way I get just what I need - during holidays I love giving gifts much more than receiving them.

4. What is the gift you are most anxious to give this holiday season and who is it for? What makes is so special?
There isn't one this year. Between family, we have mostly dropped gift-giving tradition in the last years and there won't be any outside guests with us.

5. What is the most memorable gift you have ever gotten for Christmas? Why did it stand out more compared to other ones?
It was a Barbie rip-off doll, called 'Sindy', back when I was a kid. It was really different from all other dolls my sister and I had. We all envied lucky kids who already had those dolls, and then we got that present - a doll for each of us.
I have kept it for a longest time, for years after I have stopped playing with her. But several years ago I lost her during a spring cleaning, I suspect that my mother 'helped' a bit here.
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